Hot Pools

The natural mineral waters of Takhini Hot Springs flow from deep within the earth. They are uniquely odourless, no sulphur smell to detract from your enjoyment. The main minerals are calcium, magnesium and iron. The iron gives the water a red or brown hue.

There are two connected pools. The water flows naturally into the pool at 385 litres per minute at 42°C (108°F). It gradually cools to about 37°C at the outflow. The pool is drained and disinfected once every 24 hours in the summer. The pool is drained 5-7 times a week in the winter.

The water is comfortable for all ages, in all seasons. The maximum depth of the hotter pool is 1.2 metres (4 feet) while the other pool is 2 metres (6.5 feet) at the centre. Please bring clean indoor footwear such as flip flops, or crocs to wear in the change rooms and pool side. Bare feet are not allowed for health and safety reasons. Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the swimming pool.

Sitting in the hot water relaxing is made even more enjoyable by the wonderful view of the mountains. Whether the mountains are draped with snow, ablaze with autumn colour, bursting with spring greens or shadowed with clouds and sunshine, they provide a beautiful focus for thoughtful appreciation.

Water Facts

In Yukon’s Boreal Forest, 25 minutes north-west of Whitehorse, Takhini Hot Springs flows out of the Earth’s interior at 385 litres (86 gallons) per minute and 47º Celsius (118º Fahrenheit) year-round. High in calcium, magnesium and iron, the natural mineral springs lacks the sulphurous odour common to many springs.

Based upon our geothermal research, it appears that the hot springs waters result from intersecting faults deep in the earth. Snow and rain water high in the mountains percolate down deep into the earth where they heat up and dissolve minerals. The waters then return to the earth’s surface and percolate out of the ground in a crater near the present-day pools.

Based on tests, the water that returns to the surface has taken a minimum of 60 years to complete its journey. While underground it reaches a maximum temperature of around 95C before cooling on its return to the surface near the present hot pools.

The hot spring water enters the soaking pools at 42º Celsius and cools off to about 36º at the far end of the pool. The water flows through continuously throughout the day. In summer, the pools are open 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, and drained nightly, scrubbed and sanitized, and refilled by mid-day with fresh, mineral-rich natural hot springs water.

A brief history: The hot springs at Takhini have been known and used for centuries. While commercially promoted for its therapeutic value in 1907, the first pool was made of wood and made of canvas. It was built in the 1940’s and used by the U.S.A. army crews constructing the Alaska Highway. A concrete pool was built around 1950 and replaced with the present pool and building around 1970. Extensive renovations were undertaken in 2008 and improvements to the facility continue to this day.

Analytical results for Takhini Hot Springs geothermal water:

Analytical category
pH value
pH units
Total dissolved solids
Total hardness as CaCo3


Total alkalinity

The Healing Water

Most people in North America bathe in hot springs for recreational purposes unaware of the health benefits. Europe and Japan have long discovered that bathing in mineral springs can have a profound effect on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The use of natural mineral water for the prevention and cure of disease is an accepted form of mainstream medicine around the world.

Doctors believe that mineral springs promote healing in the following ways:

  • Increases nourishment to organs and tissues through improved blood circulation, increases cell oxygenation.
  • Increases body metabolism, including stimulating the secretions of the intestinal tract and liver, aiding digestion

How does the Takhini Hot Springs water improve your health?

Dissolved minerals in hot springs are absorbed by the skin. This kind of absorption through the skin is less harmful to the digestive tract and more beneficial than ingesting the equivalent in the form of mineral supplements (which are often manufactured synthetically and as a result less absorbable by the human body).

The following dissolved minerals present in the Takhini Hot Springs:

Calcium – 580 mg/L –
Takhini Hot Springs water can be characterized as a calcium–sulphate hot spring. Calcium sulphate soothes the body overall. Sulphated waters are good for chronic skin diseases, digestive and urinary conditions, chronic metallic poisoning, and genealogical troubles. Because the sulphate is bound to the calcium in the water it is odorless. Many hot springs have a strong smell of sulfur due to the presence of hydrogen sulphide gas. Takhini Hot Springs does not have sulfur in the gas form so the hot spring is odorless.

Magnesium – 78.2 mg/L
Magnesium is an important part of more than 300 body enzymes that regulate the body’s functions including protein production, energy production, and the proper functioning of the nerves and muscles, including the heart.  Magnesium is essential for the formation of bones and teeth. Magnesium sulphate water soothes and tightens the skin while allowing the skin to retain moisture.

Sodium – 36.5 mg/L
Salt waters are recommended for bathing because they possess a variety of medicinal properties.  Salt water is good for treating rheumatic disorders, skin problems, arthritis, orthopedic, and postoperative disorders as well as gynecological diseases.

Silica – 19.8 mg/L
Silica is viewed as important in promoting cardiovascular health and plays a key role in both bone formation and mineralization.  Silica works synergistically with minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. Silica restores health to aging skin, hair and nails.

Potassium – 8.7 mg/L
Potassium plays a role in numerous body functions helping to transmit nerve impulses, regulate fluid and mineral balance in the body and maintain normal blood pressure.

Iron – .9 mg/L
Bathing in iron rich springs is helpful to people suffering from iron- deficiency anemia or excessive mental fatigue and stress related conditions.

How does Takhini Hot Springs help skin conditions?

Many of our clients tell us that the hot springs water does wonders for their psoriasis and eczema. This is due to the presence of the calcium and magnesium sulphate as well as the sodium and silica in the water.

What is it about bathing in Takhini Hot Springs that helps our clients heal from joint and muscle problems, back problems and arthritis?

The presence of calcium sulphate, magnesium and silica is probably one of the key reasons that Takhini Hot Springs bathers report that the water helps them heal from joint and muscle aches. Clinicians such as Czech physician Bohuslar Kocab, believe that bathing in thermal springs stimulates the activity of the pituitary gland which secretes ACTH and cortisone, both pain inhibitors. In addition to producing an overall calming and relaxing effect on the body, heat also helps to relieve muscle spasm and suppresses inflammation, plus allowing healing to take place. Studies have noted that the trace elements in mineral water improve recovery rates from injuries and reduce the quantity of pain killers needed.

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