The International Hair Freezing Contest

Hair Freezing Contest

What is it?

Started in 2011, The International Hair Freezing Contest is an annual contest that usually runs during the Sourdough Rendezvous in the month of February. People from around the world come to the Yukon for this pioneer festival. The purpose of the contest is to create the most creative frozen hairdos possible; you soak in the hot springs and allow the steam to accumulate on your head while the cold air freezes your hair. After the hair is frozen and molded (when possible), you take pictures. We collect all the pictures during the contest and in March the top three pictures are chosen. Winners are announced in mid to late March. Seeing as we cannot control the weather and it can be hard to predict cold snaps, we will accept any pictures taken during the winter when it gets cold enough.

When is it?

This year the contest will officially be held any day that it is cold enough. The contest will be running all winter.

Does it happen every year?

As long as it is cold enough (-20 or more Celsius) then the contest is doable. However, there are years where it is too warm and the contest cannot take place.

How do I participate?

1. Participants pay for an admission into the hot springs and then wet, mold, and freeze their hair.

2. Participants take a photo or get our staff to take their photo.

3. All participants must fill in and sign our form at the front desk.

4. All photos MUST be high resolution to be considered for the contest.

5. All Hair must be covered in frost to be considered frozen, half frozen hair will not be considered. Frozen hair should be predominantly white. Please see previous winners’ photos on our website and Facebook page for valid comparisons.

What are the prizes?

Best Male Photo: $750 and 1 complimentary 30 Soak Membership.

Best Female Photo: $750 and 1 complimentary 30 Soak Membership.

Most Creative Photo: $750 and 1 complimentary 30 Soak Membership.

Best Group Photo (2 or more people): $750 per group and 1 complimentary 30 Soak Membership per person in the group.

What happens with my submitted pictures?

To enter the contest, participants must agree to give all rights of their pictures to Takhini Hot Pools. We will only use your pictures for promotional purposes. This means your picture may be used in our brochures, our website, various social media, and online and print media in many and various countries.

How do I properly freeze my hair?

The most important part of this contest is having hair. Lots of it. Then it’s only a small exercise in patience before you have a nice frozen hairdo.

Step 1: Come to the hot springs when it is cold. Preferably -20 or colder. If it is warmer than that it may take longer for desired frozen results.

Step 2: Dip your head in the hot springs and wet your hair.

Step 3: Take your head out of the water and allow the cold air to slowly freeze your hair. All wet hair will eventually freeze, this includes eyebrows and even eyelashes.

If you have very long hair, a good method to freeze it is to lay it down on the sides of the pool so it may freeze in single, long strands. Later, it can propped up and it will stick straight up.

Step 4: Keep your ears warm. Periodically dip each ear into the hot springs water and be careful not to let your hair touch the water. If that cannot be done, then be tough.

Step 5: Wait.

Step 6: Wait some more.

Step 7: When the hair begins to freeze, slowly mold the hair into the desired shape. For example, one could gather all their hair into a point.

Step 8: Let the hair completely freeze. It will become pure white with frost and ice. Don’t worry, your hair won’t break or snap off.

Step 9: Take a picture and send it to the front desk, our Facebook page, or our email.

Step 10: Dunk your head in the water. Your hair will instantly unfreeze and your head will be nice and warm again.