how long after adding stabilizer can i swim

How Long After Adding Stabilizer Can I Swim?

Robert Wimberly

If you’re new to the pool industry or you just bought/built your pool, you might need to learn how to ...

ozone vs salt water pool

Ozone vs Salt Water Pool: Which One is Better for Your Health?

Robert Wimberly

Are you caught in the ozone and saltwater pool debate? As we know, keeping the water ultra-clean is critical in ...

pool resurfacing vs replastering

Pool Resurfacing vs Replastering – Which is the Better Option?

Robert Wimberly

If you have a pool at home that needs regular upkeep, gaining an understanding of the distinction between pool resurfacing ...

how to winterize a hot tub with antifreeze

How to Winterize a Hot Tub with Antifreeze? – 9 Steps

Robert Wimberly

Winter is beautiful! However, it arrives with its share of challenges, and your beloved hot tub is no exception. Imagine ...

pentair vs hayward

Pentair vs Hayward: Which Pool Pump Brand is Better?

Robert Wimberly

“Pentair vs. Hayward” is a debate that’s quite famous—in the world of pool cleaning, that is. To give you a ...

quartz vs pebble pool finish

Quartz vs Pebble Pool Finish: Which is Right for You?

Robert Wimberly

Choosing a pool surface material impacts the structure’s longevity and overall experience. For many, this decision boils down to two ...

pool stabilizer liquid vs granular

Pool Stabilizer Liquid vs Granular: Which is Better?

Robert Wimberly

A pool stabilizer is also called a chlorine stabilizer or pool conditioner. Chlorine is unstabilized and will dissipate quickly in ...

polaris vs dolphin pool cleaner

Polaris vs Dolphin Pool Cleaners: A Comparative Analysis

Robert Wimberly

Pool cleaning was made more convenient thanks to the innovation of robotic pool cleaners. However, due to the abundance of ...

robotic pool cleaners vs suction

Robotic Pool Cleaners vs Suction: Which is Better for You?

Robert Wimberly

Thanks to technological advancements, pool maintenance has become a lot more manageable and less time-consuming. Nowadays, you no longer have ...

pool sanitizer vs shock

Pool Sanitizer vs Shock: Choose the Best Cleaning Option?

Robert Wimberly

Diving into the sparkling blue waters of your pool is one of life’s simple pleasures. However, maintaining that water clarity ...

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