Coleman vs Intex Pools: Which Brand is Better?

Robert Wimberly

coleman vs intex pools

Summers can be tough, but a refreshing backyard pool can help you beat the heat. When it comes to above-ground pools, Coleman and Intex are standout choices.

This article compares Coleman vs Intex pools by exploring their performance, durability, price, and more. Through this, you will be equipped with how these two options differ in order to make an informed decision.

Coleman Pools Intex Pools
Performance Efficient filtration systems Varied filter and pump options
Durability Heavy-duty materials Diverse material qualities, but not as durable
Price High Affordable
Installation Some models require more effort Easy setup
Accessories Comes with a maintenance kit but no instructional DVD Comes with an instructional DVD but no maintenance kit
Size Options Moderate variety

Customizable size

Extensive selection



1. Intex above-ground pool


Intex is a US-based, budget-friendly brand for above-ground swimming pools, airbeds, spas, boats, etc.

Catering to various yard sizes and budgets, Intex offers diverse options within its product range. These pools are often sold in sets equipped with pool accessories like covers, ladders, pumps, and vacuums.

2. Coleman swimming pool


Like Intex, Coleman does not solely focus on swimming pools. This US brand also offers camping gear and other outdoor recreational equipment.

Although the brand has a wide range of product types, its quality is impressive. For instance, the Coleman steel frame pool is built from corrosion-resistant steel, ensuring both durability and longevity.

Coleman pools’ setup involves the ClickConnect System, providing a swift and secure assembly process. The package includes a filter pump, a ladder, and a pool cover, enhancing the pool’s functionality and convenience.

Differences – Intex vs Coleman Pools

1. Performance


Both brands excel equally in their overall performance. However, the differences lie in the pump functions, with Intex slightly falling behind, as its pumps may be somewhat underpowered.

2. Durability


Both Coleman and Intex impress with their durability, although the latter has the upper hand:

  1. Coleman’s power steel technology is a standout feature that prolongs the pool’s lifespan and enhances its water weight capacity.
  2. On the other hand, Intex pools boast the popular prism frame design, engineered to endure years of use reliably. Additionally, Intex pools include a robust 3-ply liner appreciated by many users for its durability and long-lasting performance.

3. Price


Compared to Coleman, Intex products are much more affordable. Their above-ground pools are priced at just above $100.

In contrast, Coleman’s pool models require a more substantial investment, with a starting price point of at least $500.

4. Installation


Between Coleman vs Intex pools, the former is easier to set up. The simplicity of installation for a Coleman depends on the model—bigger ones tend to be somewhat challenging.

Intex pools typically feature simpler designs with fewer components, making installation easier. Also, they offer a useful step-by-step installation DVD, making it simple even for individuals who are unfamiliar with these pools.

5. Accessories


Both Coleman and Intex pools differ in terms of included accessories. The majority of Coleman above-ground pools include a filter pump, ground cloth, ladder, pool cover, and a maintenance package, negating the need for further purchases.

As for Intex, it also comes with everything that Coleman offers except the maintenance kit. Instead, the brand provides an instructional DVD on how to set up the pool.

6. Size options

It’s important to ensure your pool fits in your available yard space. Coleman has an advantage in that most of their pools are customizable in size, shape, and depth.

Meanwhile, Intex pool sizes are fixed, so you can’t really adjust them to fit your specific needs. That said, the company’s product range is wide enough that you may find one with a size that meets your requirements.

7. Maintenance

With built-in filters and a user-friendly design, Coleman pools are relatively low maintenance and require less frequent cleaning. You can also avoid making extra purchases by taking advantage of their free maintenance kit.

As for Intex, maintenance will be more challenging. Plus, you’ll have to buy a third-party cleaning kit, which adds to the hassle.

Additional Things to Consider


1. Coleman

  1. Customer support may be challenging to reach.
  2. The ladder may feel somewhat flimsy for long-term use.
  3. Potential long-term rust issues.

2. Intex

  1. Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the included pump, citing its lack of power and efficiency.
  2. There are concerns about potential rust issues over an extended period of use.
  3. Customers have reported concerns about the ladder’s stability.

Which is Better?

If you prioritize affordability and simplicity in installation, you’ll find Intex pools more fitting.

However, if customization, durability, and lower maintenance are important to you, Coleman pools would be a better fit. The better choice will always depend on your needs and preferences.


Now that you know the differences between Coleman vs Intex pools, you are well aware that they both offer a range of pool models with distinct advantages and drawbacks.

You can choose between these two brands of above-ground pools with confidence by taking into account your needs in terms of pool size, maintenance preferences, and budget. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and priorities.

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