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History of the Takhini Hot Springs

A Short History and Summary of Owners

1899 and before: Prior to private ownership of the hot springs and lands, the area was used by Ta’an Kwach’an First Nation. Only the natural source existed.

1902: Original Application to Government for lease, by Mr. William Allen Puckett and Mr. A.R. Gordon in December 1902.

1907: Land purchased at $2.00 per acre by Mr. Puckett and Mr. S.A. Simmons.

1907 – 1935: Owned by Mr. Puckett. Spelling of the name was “Tahkeena”. He owned a roadhouse – which became a popular place for parties – a few small cabins, two barns, and a store beside the Dawson Trail. Across from the roadhouse was a N.W. Mounted Police station. The coach stopped here before it continued to and from Whitehorse. During this time there was no Mayo Road or Hotsprings Road so people had to take the Dawson Trail for 14 miles to the Takhini River, a boat 15 miles up the river to the spring landing, and then 1 1/2 miles by foot to the Spring.

1940 – 1948: Mr. Bill Rowland is the new owner. He built two green houses and the first pool out of wood. The American Army used the springs during the war as recreation while building the Alaska Highway.

1949 – 1950: Mr. T.C. Richard and Mr. Carl Springer are the new owners.

1950 – 1969: Bonner Kunze and Ed Kunze (brothers) are the new owners. They built the first concrete pool. During this time the Takhini Hot Springs Road was built from the Mayo Road. Mr. Harry Cooper had leased the spring with an option, but the 1958 big fire destroyed this venture.

1969 – 1977: Ed and Linda Brennan are the new owners. Linda is the adopted daughter of Mr. Kunze. They built the present pool and most of the existing main building in 1972.

1977 – 1999: Erwin und Mary Kreft are the new owners. They built the first Hotsprings well house with a chlorine system. They also built the first cold water supply system for toilets, kitchen, laundry room, etc. They raised the barn, fences, fields to produce hay and many additions and renovations to main building and other existing buildings.

1999 – 2014: Takhini Hotsprings Ltd. purchases the hot springs.

2014 – Present: Andrew Umbrich and Lauren O’Coffey lease the hot springs and change the name of the business to Takhini Hot Pools. The property, however, remains named Takhini Hot Springs.